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  • SEO TIPS: Forum Link Building

    Something to keep in mind if you are hiring out for forum link building services is that you need to make sure that the company you outsource to knows their business. You need to ensure that they are creating links for you that will actually benefit your website and not cause any damage to your website’s reputation which could be very difficult to reverse. Forums are for conversations, not spammers looking to jam a link in any way they can. It’s important to keep that in mind before you go any further.

    A company that is willing to stand behind their link building service and will provide a guarantee regarding the links they provide is what you need to look for. Usually, links should be guaranteed for one year so that you are getting links in established forums and not fly by night sites. They  also need to be willing to stand behind their guarantee and promptly replace any links which become broken or invalid during that time period. This is also a fail safe against them taking shortcuts because doing the job twice is a waste of their time and resources as well.

    PageRank is also an important consideration to keep in mind when you look at the quality of links you are getting. Forums with little or no PageRank won’t pass link juice on to your site to help you

    increase your own PR which means the links are not worth too terribly much. High standard forums relevant to your own site should be sought out and targeted. These forums that allow the nofollow attribute should be posted to. A link without the do-follow attribute is a waste of time, unless it drives extreme amounts of traffic. One of the most important mantras to keep in mind is be respectful! Do not spam! This will get you booted as sure as anything – and with that will go your links.

    All links that you buildshould look natural and not manufactured so that they look natural to Google. Google hates any attempt at manipulation. The only thing worse than having Google slam you is having Google and everyone in a forum slam you. This will do more harm to your reputation than you really want to imagine is even possible and will require a regimen of damage control that is time consuming and expensive.

    Try to find actual customer reviews, not just what appears on the landing page.  Look for a guarantee for their work. Make sure that they promptly answer any query or concern. When Forum Link Building is done correctly, it is huge boost. Comments will be added that give valuable information and your participation in the community which is good for you and your site. This is one of the things you should be seeing regularly. Eventually you can establish yourself as an authority in your field, and others may start broadcasting links to your site as well. Just be aware of what is and isn’t valuable before beginning a campaign.


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