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  • SEO TIPS: Building Authority Links

    authority links Getting hundreds of links for your website by buying links from link farms is not  the best way to get links for your website. Search engines do not like links from link farms. It is that simple. They scream it at the top of their lungs and still, some webmasters fall for gurus selling this obvious swampland. Your website can be demoted in the search results and you can even get your website banned by getting links from link farms. Search engines are deadly serious about this as many ill-informed site owners can tell you from experience. This isn’t an empty threat and it isn’t news, it’s the harsh reality of linking.

    What search engines want to see is websites that build their links organically. They want your website getting links because it has good content that is link worthy. Buying links is frowned upon – period! The problem is that this may not work for all websites. Let’s be honest – not everyone has the type of site and content that people freely give links to. This does not mean that you cannot get back links for your website at all. You need to look at link building strategies that imitate natural link growth. You need to think outside the box.

    Search engines are intuitive and they are getting more sophisticated with each passing update. Search engine algorithms rank links using various parameters that make some links more valuable than others and make a quality over quantity approach the way to go. They value links from contextual pages and links from niche related websites. That is easy enough to understand – it shows real value. For search engines, such links make sense because websites will link to websites that are relevant to the subject matter or the niche. This basically means that those links you have for your knitting site from Lou’s Tire World or any other unrelated site are pretty much worthless unless they send you massive traffic.

    If it’s time for you to start doing things in a new, more up to date way, look for Link Building Companies that offer natural link building solutions. There are number of natural link building strategies available today that work well, but only a few are exceptional, like the Authority LinkBuilding services that SubmitEdge offers. It is up to you to learn a little about each and see which fits your needs the best.

    Article submission is one of the simplest natural link building strategies around, and it does still work to a degree but it isn’t all the rage it once once. Most of the sites acting as article warehouses are themselves devalued and primarily worthless now making the links from them less valuable than they once were.

    There are other link building strategies such as link baiting, article prism, etc., which are natural link building strategies. Even Squidoo lenses help you build links in a natural way. There are numerous natural link building strategies and you just need to find the best strategies that work the best for your website. You just have to know what you are looking for and how to make use of them in a natural appearing fashion.




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