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  • SEO TIPS: Avoiding Manipulative Actions

    Being  enthusiastic about optimizing your site for better results is a good goal, but you can unknowingly trigger search engine alerts that lead to your site being black listed for various reasons. It important not to go overboard with your optimization efforts to avoid this. Ensure that you always use only approved SEO strategies to get good ranking and maintain a good standing with the SERPs.

    Search engines  like SEO that provides searchers with the best information, not tactics that are undertaken to manipulate the ranking by feeding what search engines look for. In other words, while all the search engines advise that you should make your websites search engine friendly you still should stay aware of the boundary drawn by search engines within which we should work. There is a line between that and giving your readers what they are looking for and they can coexist.

    If, however, you cross those boundaries, search engines can and often will penalize you in a number of different ways. Your search ranking could drop suddenly as a common response. Your pagerank could drop suddenly – or in a  worst scenario, your website might disappear completely from the search results which is known as being de-indexed or sandboxed.

    When a website gets banned, you no longer feature in the search results, meaning that your website can be accessed only by typing the website URL in the browsers link field. For any site, this is the kiss of death. This is possibly the worst thing that can happen to a website because recovery, if possible, is long and slow.

    These are a few of the things to avoided when optimizing your website so that you will not set off the search engine alarms and risk a penalty.

    Keyword stuffing is a prime reason why websites get penalized by search engines. To get good rankings in the search  results page, you need good keyword optimization – but it should not be overdone hoping that you can get to the front page instantly. Be reasonable with your efforts and it will not be a problem.

    The next important task is linking – but if your website suddenly explodes with 1000+ back links alarms will go off left and right. This will indicate that there is something underhanded about the sudden rise of links that are on your site. When you engage in link building campaigns, it is imperative that you make sure that you are doing it slowly. This is true if it is building a link wheel or doing careful article marketing or anything else.

    Don’t be greedy and try to gain 10000 links in one month. Make it look like a natural process; getting your link building done by experienced link building companies can help you avoid trouble and any potential penalties.

    Something else to consider while building links is that the anchor texts used should be different. Not all the anchor texts should be the same if it is natural linking! Google bot will spot the pattern if you are using a formula. If all your links have the same anchor text, it looks manufactured which can also set off the alarms. This is just one more reason why you should use an experienced company to work on your website’s link building campaign.

    Avoiding keyword stuffing and suspect linking can help you keep out of trouble and maintain your website’s ranking. Keep everything looking organic and you can avoid setting off alarms. Don’t hesitate to use an SEO company to make sure that you are on the right path.

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