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  • SEO TIP: SEO Isn't Dead!

    There are plenty of webmasters that don’t consider SEO to be important, but there are several very valid reasons why you do need an SEO, and ideally an SMM, to position yourself to succeed online. You can do it yourself, and you may do fine for a little while, but as your site grows, so too do your needs.

    SEO can become a tremendous drain on your time, particularly if you aren’t fully clear on all the ins and outs of the process or even worse if you cannot keep up with the constant changes to the search algorithms that create the need for different approaches to reach your goals. Here are some of the benefits of having an SEO and an SMM take care of it all for you.

    SEO is an investment, and to look at it as an expense is a mistake. Trusting your SEO to a professional is no different than trusting your portfolio to a broker in many regards. Certain things in life are often best done by a professional that is entrenched in a specific industry.

    The money you invest in your SEO pays you back by providing better traffic which leads to more conversions. If doing SEO on your own is like putting money in your savings account, having an SEO do it is like putting your money in a high yield mutual fund.

    Think of your website as a person. Your employees, and you as well, need proper care and training to thrive. An SEO provides that. When algorithm changes hit or your needs change, your SEO is like a doctor that comes in, provides an assessment, and then gets down to the business of healing your site.

    In much the same way you would train your sales force on how to present products and close deals, SEOs do the same for your site. Your site is your frontline, and only, salesman on the web. SEOs make sure they are always on the trends to get leads and have the information necessary to always be closing.

    Not only that, SEOs often provide you with data you otherwise wouldn’t know how to find or possibly even use without their aide. This can help you better understand your costumers which helps you offline as well. SEO isn’t just a frill on the shirt, it’s the shirt and buttons. Without SEO, you’re not dressed. You may have great material, but no way to sew it together and get it on the market where people can buy it.

    Finally, your SEO is your guide to the online world. The Internet and search engines change fast – almost daily in small often unnoticeable ways to those not in the industry. If you’d hire a guide to take you on a tour, you shouldn’t think twice about using an SEO as your online guide.

    Whether webmasters believe it or not, SEO is here to stay. Even Google has admitted as much. To ignore it because you think it will lose relevance, you can do it all alone or because you think it is just money out the window is wrong. SEO is an investment in your business, and your business deserves the best.

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