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  • SEO Systematic Guide– 194. The Importance of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

    One of the marketing strategies that many of us have still not incorporated in our efforts is making our websites mobile friendly. The number of mobile users is much higher than the number of people that use PCs and Laptops. With the latest internet and mobile technology, 3G mobile internet lots of people have started using their mobile devices to access the web. So don’t you think that it is time for all of us to optimize our websites for the best mobile internet experience to tap on the potential of this segment of visitors?
    Yes, if you don’t optimize your website for mobile devices, then you are likely to lose a lot of visitors. Today’s fast-paced world does not allow us the luxury of time. We are forced to accomplish a lot of things on the move. People cannot afford to get to their office or to their desk. They are forced to engage in business transactions while they are still moving. If our websites do not match this fast-paced world, then we are very likely to lose a lot of customers. The percentage of visitors that we will lose in this segment will continue to rise as more and more people have started using mobile internet. The reducing cost of high-end mobile devices with internet capabilities and the reduced mobile broadband tariffs too have contributed towards the increasing number of mobile internet users.
    The mobile internet community is not going to like your heavy web pages. They need something light and fast loading. So do not burden them with unnecessary graphics and too many lines of coding script. Provide them with something light that they can view through their mobile users. It will not be a bad idea to have a separate version of your website for the mobile users. You can serve lighter version of your website when people access your website using mobile devices. You need to be highly effective in presenting your content in the mobile version. You must know to present just the core concepts and to spare your mobile internet viewers from the unnecessary bells and whistles. However, you should also allow them to access the actual website if they wish.
    If you have not concentrated yet on the mobile friendly version of your website yet, it is high time to take action along these lines as we approach the holiday season soon. You can expect a huge surge in visitor traffic during the holiday season and you will be able to tap the potential of these visitors. If you delay for too long you will fail to benefit from this holiday season. So go ahead and make your website mobile friendly.

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