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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 97. Questions on Pagerank-4

    There are few more questions that people have regarding pagerank and the next in line is the following question:

    5. What happens to a site’s pagerank when Google bans a site?
    At times Google bans certain sites due to various reasons then what happens to the page rank of such sites. When Google bans sites, such sites will still remain on the web and they will be available in the other search engines. Banned sites will not appear in the Google searches, Google will remove such sites from its records and will also discard their page rank. When Google bans a site, there should be serious issues with the respective site.

    Google’s pagerank tells how important a site is in the eyes of Google but when Google bans a site it basically tells that the respective site is no more a valuable resource so it also strips such websites from its pagerank. Banned sites will show grey bar in the Google toolbar. Sites that are not still indexed will also show grey bar. So you should not get confused with this. If your website is new then the Google toolbar will show grey bar. If it has indexed, then it will turn white if your website’s PR is 0 and as the PR increases with time, you will start seeing the green bar growing. If your website has been assigned some PR and on one fine day, your PR disappears and the tool bar turns grey, there are two possibilities.

    It could be that your website might be in Google sandbox or your website has been banned from Google results. Sandbox effect is seen commonly with new websites. So don’t panic as soon as you see the grey bar. You must take into consideration all possible factors in to consideration before you come to the conclusion that your website is banned.

    You must review your SEO efforts to find what you have done to elicit Google ban. At times, you will not have done anything yourself, it could be your SEO company that you hired to handle and maintain your website’s SEO. Not all SEO companies are trustworthy and not all of them offer reliable services. So before hiring your SEO company make sure that your SEO company enjoys good reputation. Never hire dubious companies just because they make empty promises and because they charge you very little. All these can lead you to greater problem. Ask for references before hiring an SEO company which is a normal industry practice. If you don’t take enough precautions and blindly hire your SEO company, you will be paying an expensive price later. It is very difficult to lift the ban from Google and regain the original PR. So here prevention is better than cure. Don’t lose your online reputation by your oversight which you could have easily avoided.

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