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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 94. Questions on Pagerank-1

    People have lot of questions regarding pagerank and its significance to our websites. Let us list and discuss some of the common questions regarding pagerank.

    1.    What exactly is pagerank?
    2.    How do we know our website’s pagerank?
    3.    How often does Google update the pagerank?
    4.    What is the real significance of pagerank?
    5.    How to improve a website’s pagerank?
    6.    What happens to a site’s pagerank when Google bans a site?
    7.    What happens to pagerank when I redesign or revamp my website?
    8.    Can we buy good pagerank?
    9.    Is Google pagerank and Google search engine ranking the same?

    Let us start addressing these questions one by one and append.

    1. What exactly is pagerank?
    Pagerank is a trademark concept of Google. No other search engine uses the term pagerank and for other search engines, page rank bears no significance. It is Google’s way of ranking the importance of a website. Google assigns a numeric value, which we refer as pagerank. The numeric value runs between 0 and 10. Google assigns a higher number as pagerank or PR for websites that it deems to be important based on several factors. It has been said that Google uses over 200 factors to rank a website. Therefore, PR is a Google assigned value to your website.

    2. How do we know our website’s pagerank?
    Google has released Google toolbar, which is free software that we can integrate to our browser. We can find our website’s pagerank using this toolbar. By choosing the option to enable Google pagerank tool in the toolbar, we will be able to see the pagerank of websites that we visit. Whenever we visit a website, the toolbar will automatically update itself to reflect the PR of the website that we are visiting. So we should visit our website after installing the Google toolbar to know our website’s PR. There are number of websites online that capture the value of our website’s PR from the Google PR tool and display with the other website statistics as free service. However, the easiest way to find our website’s pagerank is to have the Google toolbar installed.

    3. How often does Google update its PR?
    There are different versions of response to this question. One of the views is that Google updates its PR once in every 3 or 4 months. Once the PR of our website changes it will reflect in the toolbar. Another view is that Google updates the PR more frequently than what is mentioned above but it updates the information in the toolbar once in 3 months. It would make more sense to presume that Google updates its PR whenever it crawls the websites. Whether it updates the Google toolbar immediately or once in three months is a different issue. But for all practical purposes, what we are concerned is the Google PR tool in the toolbar, which should not be the case. We should be more concerned about our website’s performance on the search results and how the latest PR is contributing towards the performance.

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