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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 89. Optimization Tips for Websites from Weight Loss Industry

    In the previous post we saw that industry specific knowledge is highly crucial for successful SEO. In this post let us look at one of the niche industries that is heavily saturated with competition – weight loss industry. This is one of the most lucrative businesses and as such there are thousands of websites that promote various services, products in this niche. There is such a high level of competition in this industry that new websites that are launched in this industry are mostly redundant and they don’t stand a chance.

    Rather than fighting a losing battle many webmasters try to save themselves from the competition by going for paid traffic. Though it meets their purpose, such a defeatist approach will be harmful for your business because the cost of the paid traffic will shoot up every month with the increasing competition. Therefore, you must start investing in driving some organic traffic to your website. The best approach will blend both organic traffic as well as paid traffic.

    When you are optimizing your website try to be as specific as possible. Try to stick as close as possible to your line of products or services. This will reduce the circle of competition that your weigh loss website has to fight. For example if you are selling fat loss pills, let your seo optimization focus on this product and try to avoid other keywords in an effort to drive greater volume of traffic. Often this approach does not work so well especially when the competition level is too high. You will unnecessarily increase your number of competitors while diluting the effectiveness of your main target keywords. Do not try to drive traffic from who are interested to find weight loss solution through diet programs and weight loss programs. You have a very special and specific products which is weight loss pills, so concentrate on that and try to get people who are looking for weight loss pills. This will be your primary focus. There may be varied opinions regarding this approach of using highly focused optimization efforts. There may be other SEO professionals who might like to optimize your website for secondary keywords and pay attention to drive secondary traffic to your website. Here the intention is not about proving who is right, but the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is what works the best for your website and that is the approach you should take. If the nature of your product or service should benefit through secondary keywords then you should try to blend both. In some cases secondary traffic may not bring the desired conversion rates. As always we emphasize that traffic for traffic sake is no good for any website; only when the conversion ratio increases there will be some use.

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