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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 88. Why is Industry Specific Knowledge Crucial for SEO?

    When it comes to fighting one’s competition through effective SEO, one of the factors that can never be dispensed is the industry specific knowledge. With out a certain amount of industry specific knowledge, it is not possible to produce positive results in SEO. There are endless niche industries that compete with each other and between themselves. If we have to make our website attain the required online presence, we should understand the business model of the website.

    Industry specific knowledge essential to get targeted visitors to one’s website. How do we get targeted visitors? We get targeted visitors by optimizing the website for the right keywords. To optimize the website for the right keywords we should in the first place identify the right keywords. Identification of the right keywords can be done in two ways one is that as a website owner you give all the keywords pertaining to your website to your SEO company and the second way is that your SEO company helps you buy analyzing your niche industry and comes up with a list of keywords and sends it for your approval and feedback. Industry specific knowledge is highly essential for this stage because not all website owners are conversant with the dynamics of the internet search. So the burden falls on the SEO company to make an in depth research on the keywords in a given field. The same applies to content tweaking to make it keyword rich and search engine friendly.

    One of the limitations here is that there are thousands of niche industries and it is not practical for an SEO company to be conversant with all the niche industries. However, if the SEO company has a great level of experience they will know to ask the right questions to the customer and get the required input from the website owner. If we don’t have industry specific knowledge of the website under question, the next factor that will come to our aid is the experience level. Therefore, while selecting your SEO company it is crucial to make sure that your SEO company has enough experience to deal with all types of niche industry.

    Industry specific knowledge is not only important for on page SEO, it is also equally important for off page SEO and internet marketing. To run a successful internet marketing campaign one should know where exactly to find their target audience and this requires field specific knowledge without which we will be trying to find our target audience in the wrong places. This will not bring the desired traffic to our website; traffic for traffic sake is no good to any website. The quality of the traffic is decided based on the business conversions that take place. Highly targeted visitors will ensure higher level of conversion.

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