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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 32. Back Links

    So far, we have been concentrating on various aspects of SEO pertaining to on-page optimization. Now it is time to move on to off-page optimization. For the best results, both on-page optimization and off-page optimization should go hand in hand. Compromising one for the other will mean compromising our search engine ranking and page rank. One of the major areas of off-page optimization is back links. This is ‘The Most’ important off-page optimization. Google places heavy importance on back links to rank websites. It is not just Google, which values back links your site greatly; all the other major search engines including Yahoo and MSN too value links greatly.

    Originally when people wanted to secure back links there were engaging in reciprocal link campaigns. Here webmasters contacted other website owners in their industry and requested for link exchange. If the other website owner too shows interest, there would be a successful link exchange. However, this was a very tedious process and it used lot of resources. The success rate was considerably less. However, there were not many techniques that we have today.

    Today, hardly anyone talks of reciprocal link exchanges to increase one’s back links. There are number of other ways of getting one-way links free of cost. Earlier, getting one-way links was considered such a great achievement. You need to be a highly resourceful website to get one-way links or you have to pay heavily for your one-way link. There have been many changes in the way search engines look at links from other websites.

    People were getting links from link farms earlier. Now search engines do not like links from link farms.

    When you want to build links for your website, you must have a clear plan. You should also have your deadlines and targets. Link building is an unending process unlike the on-page SEO. We can go on and on increasing our links. However, without having deadlines and targets, we can easily start losing interest in due course and make our link building program a weak one. We must have monthly targets for the number of one-way links that we should build for our websites. You can choose to do it yourself if you have the time, knowledge and skills. It works out to be much cost effective to hire a professional SEO company to do the link building for your website because they will be consistent with their efforts. They will also have all the necessary tools that will increase the pace of link building for your website.

    Though there are number of free link building techniques, you should assess which works best for your site and reinforce your efforts in that area while still making use of the other areas that are less productive. Often using multiple strategies seems to bring better results than sticking to a single link building strategy.

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