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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 3. Domain Name Selection

    The next aspect that comes after deciding your niche market is the selection of your domain name. This can be one of the most challenging phases. If you have selected a niche that is highly popular then already there will be thousands of websites along those lines offering the same services or selling the same products. Getting a good domain name will be difficult. All the good domain names would have already taken. Today all possible single word domain names are already taken in all the niche markets. It has become a lucrative business to register domain names that have great future potential even though it has nothing to do with their core business. They sell such domain names at a premium fee. Since this itself has become a niche business of its own, it has become really impossible to get single word domain names.

    Moreover, for SEO reasons more and more companies are moving away from registering their domain names based on the name of their company. Now the trend is to look for keyword rich domain names. You will have added advantage when you manage to get your main keyword in your domain name. So spend enough time in brainstorming your keywords and identify a powerful keyword for your business that can be registered as your domain name.

    Once you find a good domain name for your business make sure to register it immediately as you can lose the domain name if you fail to register it immediately especially if your have come up with an attractive domain name which has great keyword strength, you must not take chances.

    If your services are limited to a particular geographic area, you will be able to enhance the power of your domain name by adding the place name along with your domain name. This is one of the phases that should not be rushed, as this will define your online face. However you must make sure that the domain name that you select is also professional sounding domain name. You should not compromise professionalism for the want of a keyword rich domain name. Your website visitors should feel comfortable in your website and one of the factors that makes your website visitors feel comfortable is your domain name. Therefore, pay attention to this information so that you can tap the maximum potential of your website. SEO is no more just an isolated set of online promotional strategies. It has to take into consideration online user psychology, user patterns, geographic peculiarities, etc. Only on that count you will be able to come up with a sound SEO strategy that is hard to crack by your competitors. If you involve an experienced SEO company they will act as your consultant who can advise you on the above aspects. So it is not necessary that you will have to learn everything by yourself and perform the optimization. You can take advantage of the experience of the experts in the industry.

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