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  • SEO Step-By-Step Guide– 189. Keep Track of the Popular Searches in Your Niche

    Anyone who is serious in making their website relevant to the internet users that are looking for the services and products in their niche industry should keep track of the popular searches in their niche without fail. This will help you gain great insights into your target market. You will be able to find what your customers are after and what the buzzwords in your industry are. You will be able to modify your services and products based on these insights besides that you will also be able to present yourself in a way that will appeal to the internet community.
    Language is dynamic and people’s search trends keep changing. You cannot expect to drive traffic using obsolete keywords though they are relevant to your business. Not all webmasters are mindful of this factor. There are lots of keywords that are relevant to our business or service but not all those keywords get the best hits. People use only a certain set of keywords to refer to your services and products. This keeps changing every now and then. Therefore, if you want to drive good traffic to your website, you must keep track of these changing trends and the hot searches in your niche. There are number of free tools that you can make use of to find the popular keywords.
    If you review this factor little closer, you will understand why search engines recommend you to keep your content fresh. As noted, people’s search trends keep changing and to make your website relevant to them and to get listed for those keywords, you must optimize your web pages to match the latest trends. When you do this, you will obviously be modifying the content in each page to incorporate the new set of keywords. This will result in fresh content. On the other hand, when you let your content go stale, you are likely to get lesser hits because people are no more using the same keywords that they were using five years ago to look for your services. There are very few niches that retain the same keywords for several years. To ensure your website is matching the current search trends, it is best to keep track of the popular searches. If the trends remain the same you are not going to lose anything but if it were to change and if you are not aware of the changes then you have a lot to lose.
    When you are revising your keywords, you must not remove the old keywords totally or disregard them completely, retain them as much as possible but incorporate the latest keywords too. This will help you capture a wider range of visitors.

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