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  • SEO Step-By-Step Guide – 178. Don’t become a slave of mechanical SEO

    Most of us take a mechanical approach to SEO. This approach will not help us get the desired results, if at all you happen to get some decent results with mechanical SEO, it would be just coincidental. Mechanical SEO does not take into consideration the prevailing market condition. There are two things about prevailing market conditions. It can be highly favorable to us or it can be totally against us. There is a third situation whereby the market trend is neither helpful nor against us. Unless you review your market conditions you will not know the exact SEO approach that you should take.

    If the market trend is in favor of you, then you must get the maximum benefit out of it. Failing to benefit out of favorable market trends will foolishness. You must know how to increase your traffic when the market condition is favorable so that you can increase your sales further and increase your profit. You may not be able to get the desired traffic using the same strategies that you will employ when the market conditions are favorable. Your traffic level will be very low when the market trends are unfavorable. You must come up with alternative strategies that are different from the regular traffic generation approaches. If you don’t know the market conditions you will be relying on your mechanical optimization efforts which will not bring you the desired traffic. All the efforts you take here will be going in vain and so will be the money you spend. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on your SEO only to realize after several months that you have been driving in the opposite direction. So never give into mechanical SEO. There is no use in buying SEO packages that are superficial. SEO is not magic, if you want your website SEO to work, then better get down to facts of your niche market and sit with your SEO team with those facts.

    Mechanical SEO will try to put some tags on to your page and get a few links. If you want to be successful in a highly competitive environment, you need to be all the more vigorous with your online optimization efforts. Never think that SEO is just about adding meta keywords and meta description tags. There are several other aspects that will be decided by your specific niche market and its current trend. Only experienced SEO companies will be able to identify such strategies to promote your website online. SEO should take on a human approach and it also involves a lot of trial and error efforts that are specific to your niche.

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