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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 16. Different Styles of SEO Copywriting

    Today, SEO copywriter should be capable of adapting his writing style to varied SEO copywriting requirements. SEO copywriting is not limited to website content, there are number of other SEO copywriting needs that demand that the writer adapts to various writing styles to be an effective communicator as well as effective SEO writer. Let us list some of the areas that require the writer to adapt various styles.

    1.    Website copywriting
    2.    Blog writing
    3.    Forum posting
    4.    Product Reviews
    5.    Article writing for submission to article directories
    6.    Press Releases

    1.    Website copywriting – Here, the writer should take a professional and formal style. It should also use marketing language in a balanced way. Utmost care has to be taken to ensure that the content is convincing enough to call the visitor for action and at the same time reflect the right face of the company.
    2.    Blog Writing – Here, the writer can take a little informal style of writing, as this is more of a free form writing. The SEO copywriter is free to use his personal style while still maintaining quality in the content. A bit of humor always makes blog writing more interesting.
    3.    Forum postings – The SEO writer should be able to adapt the content to the forum discussions and at the same time subtly sell the product or service using the suggested keywords without getting the posts banned. Here the writer should take an interactive style. Should be able to pose relevant questions, raise doubts so that it will keep the discussion thread going. The longer the thread, the better.
    4.    Product Reviews – Here the copywriter should take an analytical approach and it would require a great deal of research. Precise style of writing is much appreciated here.
    5.    Article writing for submission to article directories – This is one of the most popular area of SEO copywriting. Lately, article submission has become one of the top link building strategy. Here, the writer should be able to leverage the power of keyword density. The articles written should not be superficial or redundant. This is also a challenging area because already all possible areas have been spoken about in any given area. The writer should be highly creative to come up with interesting concepts and ideas to write about a topic.
    6.    Press Release Writing – This is yet another challenging area. The writer should be able to make the content sound newsworthy. Most press release sites are very strict about the quality of the press release submitted. The content should not sound as if it is advertising. Press releases should be informative and for our purposes, it should subtly promote the products or services without getting rejected by the news sharing sites.

    As you can see, your SEO copywriter should be versatile and should know to use the right style at the right time. Only when the right style is employed, we will be able to get the desired traffic and ranking to our websites. Therefore, SEO copywriting is not just about including maintaining the right keyword density, it is much more than that.

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