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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 154. Consistent Efforts required after PR Increase

    Our hard work will certainly bring good rankings in the search engines both in terms of boost in search results and PR. When we achieve the desired results or at least show improvement, the normal tendency is to relax a bit after the long haul. Actually only after achieving our PR boost we need to work all the more harder to get to the next stage. Now the demands will be much higher to both retain our ranking as well as improve it.

    It is good to rejoice with our results but it should not stop us from making continued efforts. The progress will slow down as we go up the ladder because search engines will not just give away PR or search engine positions. Moreover, if you have achieved your #1 position in Google, then you should know that your competitors are working all the more harder to reach their. They can out do you very easily unless you continue to reinforce your website to maintain the gap between your website and your competitors’ websites.

    The next time you see your PR increase or your position in search results page changes for the better, remind yourself that it is not the end and it is going to take greater efforts from you.

    One of the areas that you should continue to concentrate is your link building efforts. Secondly, try to keep your website’s content fresh. You can now get more focused with your efforts. Few things that you can do to keep the fire burning include, social bookmarking and blog posting. Blogs will keep your site’s content fresh. So regularly make a post or two; make sure that your posts are interesting and just not copied content from some other blogs. If you keep your blogs unique, you are bound to attract more traffic to your website. You can bookmark your site as well as the blog posts. This will increase your link count as well as take care of your website’s content needs.

    You should now try to get links from social bookmarking sites that have high PR value this will bolster your efforts and minimize the amount of work required to keep yourself on top. You should also revisit your SEO budget to ensure that it is a justified budget.

    Many webmasters once they see the green grow, tend to reduce their budget, this again is a very wrong approach. You should be encouraged to set aside a decent budget, as the results that you are getting are a clear indicator that you are in the right track. So you would make use of this trend of your website to take to further heights.

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