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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 151. Making the Best Out Of Directory Submissions

    By now, you would have learnt that directory submissions is one of the best ways of building links for your website. Directory submissions get you many one-way links for your website. These links are also of permanent nature. You can find both paid directories as well as free directories. What most webmasters do is to take chances with free directory submissions. Some of the paid directories charge heavily and most often, you do not get permanent links from such directories. Your links will be featured only for a specified period. So if you are working with a tight budget, it is best to go for free directory submissions.

    When you set out to submit your links to directories, you must remember that not all submissions will be successful. If you get 40% success then you should consider it as good number. Not all directories review your link and include them. Some of the link directories are without any maintenance and updates. They are almost dead and quite a number of such directories can be found online and we will not be able to distinguish between the live directories and dead directories. Therefore, to offset the number of dead directories, you must increase the number of submissions. If you submit to around 1000 directories, you can expect to get somewhere around 450 to 500 links. Nothing much can be done about this. Therefore, when you are planning your directory submission work you must plan for a larger number of submissions. If you have the luxury of some spare time you can study your directory submission results and the next time you can submit only to those directories which respond to your link submission request. By response we do not mean the automated mail that is sent out by the directories. We are talking of the positive or negative response that says whether our link is included or rejected in the directory.  Over a period of time, you will be able to build a large database of directories that really work. With such a database your average links will increase per every thousand directories you submit.

    All the directories look for manual submission and to overcome this issue there are a number of directory submission software tools that automate the submissions partially. Whenever there is a captcha figure check, the tool stops for you to fill the characters. It automatically fills the fields required for each submission and thereby it saves time. By far, this seemingly works well with most directories. However, this does not mean that your link will be automatically accepted. You will still be working under the uncertainty even when you are using such software tools.

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