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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 15. Qualities Essential for an SEO Copywriter

    There are number of factors that help you or block you in projecting your company as a company with highly professional approach. First of all your website’s design, so you cannot approve sloppy work from your web design company. Secondly, your website’s copy. Your website’s copy will affect your image as well as your rankings in search engines. Therefore, you must make sure that you hire only qualified copywriters.

    Some of the companies try to get their copywriting done from a professional copywriter and tweak the text to suit the search engine requirements. This approach will work if the SEO profession who is working on the copy has good writing skills. If he or she does not have the required skills, then it will ruin your entire text. Therefore, it is essential that your copywriter has some basic skills or qualifications before you can use them for your website or other copywriting needs.

    Ideally, it would be best to get industry experts to write your website’s copy. However, this is not the case with almost 90% of the websites. Website copy is often developed by a writer who just has good language skills and not necessarily an expert from the respective field. So the first important quality of your SEO copywriter is that the person whom you hire should be able to make prudent research before coming up with the copy for your website. By research we don’t just mean collection of information, rather the writer should be able to use the vocabulary that is pertinent to the respective field. Only then it will make sense to the readers. So the writer should have great research skills and interpretation skills.

    Secondly, the writer should have a very clear understanding of the dynamics of SEO and psychology of internet users. Only when these two are blended well, conversions will take place. Moreover, the copywriter should have great writing skills to keep the keywords intact and at the same time come up with content that is meaningful and with grammatical accuracy. The writer should understand that keywords are not complete sentences but those are words or phrases that do not necessarily make correct grammatical sense. In such scenarios including keywords as such will make your website’s copy read awkward. So they should able to present keywords in such a way that they are kept intact and at the same time it makes correct grammatical sense. For instance an experienced copywriter will be able to use various language tactics to handle the keywords. One such technique which is not known to many SEO copy writers is that to split the keywords that do not make correct grammatical sense using punctuation marks such as ‘period’ and starting the next sentence with the last part of the keyword.
    For example, the key phrase “cheap web design India” can be handled this way.
    “To keep your start up costs under control you must look for cheap web design. India seems to have a number of talented web designers…..”

    For the human readers this makes perfect grammatical sense and for the search engines the keywords are intact.

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