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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 140. Effectiveness of keyword rich domain names

    It is a general understanding that keyword rich domain names are lot more effective than websites that do not use keyword rich domain names. This does not mean that websites that do not have keyword rich domain name cannot rank better than websites which have the advantage of using keyword rich domain names. We have seen in personal experience even such websites can rank well.

    However, it is much easier to handle the SEO for websites that have the advantage of keyword rich domain names. It certainly has a definitive impact on the search relevance. When right title tags are used and the content is right then with a keyword rich domain you can get better results over time. You must remember that keyword rich domain names do not bring good ranking the search engine results pages automatically. We still need to slog to get every other factor in place.

    Not all websites can have keywords in the domain name and if you happen to own such a website try to take advantage of the content of your website to get better ranking. Use your website content as the trump card. By providing lots of fresh content to your website, you will be able to out do websites that have keyword rich domain names.

    Webmasters and SEO professionals feel that link building for websites that have keyword rich domain name is all the more easier. Though the efforts required would be the same, the effectiveness of our efforts will be easily felt. So make sure that you do not lose any opportunity to register keyword rich domain names for your website. Even if this theory is to be wrong, you will have nothing to lose. On the other hand in case domain names do have a definitive impact on your website’s ranking imagine how disadvantaged you would be without the power of keyword rich domain names.

    It does make sense if search engines should pay attention to domain names as well or give extra credit in ranking. They pay attention to every part of website to look for the presence of keywords and we have no reason to assume that they will totally ignore this factor. If that were not to be true, then we won’t be having companies make millions in selling premium domain names. People are ready to pay for premium domain names because they have a lot of advantages. They are easy to remember and also they have great search engine benefits on the long run. As our websites are to remain for life, it won’t hurt us to pay little extra attention to select a domain name that will do our business a lot of good.

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