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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 139.Factors that you need to take in to consideration for your link building campaigns

    Are you spending the midnight oil to build links for your website? Are you in the right track on your link building campaigns? Are your efforts bringing the desired results or proportionate results? Many webmasters complain that they are not getting the desired results or proportionate results on their link building efforts.

    Some webmasters complain that they have thousands of back links to their website and yet their websites are out performed by sites with fewer back links. These are some of the common issues that we here when it comes to link building. If you want to link building to yield proportionate results then you need to make prudent link building efforts. First of all, you should remember it is not just the number of back links that decides your website’s success online. There are number of other factors that come into play in making your link building campaign a success or failure.

    The first factor that you need to consider is whether the links that you are trying to secure for your website are from relevant domains. Contextual links have better value than links from random sites. So when you are trying to secure links get links from relevant domains or websites. Secondly, the linking text is also important. If you have control over the linking text, try to use your keywords to link your site.

    The next important factor that you need to consider is whether a considerable number of links to your website are from authority sites. Links from authority sites are valued more than from sites that do not have any good standing on the internet.

    Your links should come from trustworthy sites and from sites that do not sell links. Search engines penalize websites that sell links and if your links are from such sites, your website will be looked at with suspicion. So try to use social book marking to build your links rather than buy links from problematic websites.

    The PR of the website also plays a great role in link building as far as Google is concerned. If you get links from high PR pages then your site’s ranking will improve faster. Take note that the page from which you are getting your ranking is also important and not just the domain from which you are getting your link. Rather than getting lot of links from websites with low PR or no PR, you can focus on getting few links from websites with good PR.

    Try to get permanent links for your websites because your website’s ranking often depends on your back links and if it fluctuates then your ranking too will fluctuate.

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