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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 137. The Importance of Building Website Trust

    As a webmaster or as a business owner with a website you might like to know how building online trust is important for your website to get good ranking. It is not an area that is normally considered by SEO companies nor by website owners. However, if you want to have an edge over your competitors, you must be armed with every little advantage that you can get.

    Right from day one you must make efforts to build your website’s trust so that search engine can rank and rate you accordingly. It is very difficult for search engines to consider all the websites online equally, they use various parameters to trust a site. One of the factors that is consider to help in building trust is your domain age. Domains that have been around for a while with good standing are trusted by search engines. Aged domains indicate to search engines that you are not there to spam the internet but you mean serious business. On this count new websites may face problems as they cannot expect the search engines to trust them based on their age.

    However, you can deal with this problem by increasing your domain registration duration. If you register your domain for just one year hoping to renew your domain name every year, then you need to rethink this approach and try to get your domain registered for a longer period. If you register your domain just for one year, search engines do not have enough reason to trust you. On the other hand if you register your domain for 10 years you are more likely to win the trust of the search engines. Longer domain registration will tell the search engines that you are not here to just spam and close out once you are done. However, there is no official word on this from any of the search engines. This is just an observation by SEO experts and their industry knowledge. This is more of a common sense view. You will certainly not lose anything by registering your domain for multiple years. You will lock the price to today’s value, which will be of advantage to you cost wise. If the domain registration period has to be taken in to consideration by the search engines then you will lose out unnecessarily. On this factor, you actually could have saved yourself and enjoyed the trust.

    The next important factor is do not link your site to other websites that do not have good standing just because you are getting your permanent link. If the site that you are linking is questionable then your site too will have problems in winning the trust of the search engines. So, to whom you are linking your website is more important than who is linking to you when it comes to building trust.

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