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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 132. Seven Things That You Should Know About Your Website Content

    Content is the most important aspect of your website. You should know how you can benefit from your website’s content the most. If you do not pay attention to some of these basic factors, you will not be able to get the maximum out of your website’s content.

    1.    The first important factor that you should remember about your website’s content is that it should be Unique, that means that it should not be content scraped from other websites. If you copy and paste text from other websites, you will have duplicate content issues with the search engines. You will unnecessarily be subjecting your website to risk of penalty.
    2.    The second factor to be considered is keeping your content fresh. You need to constantly update your website’s content. You cannot have pages remaining without any updates for years and expect to get good search engine ranking. You should update your website regularly.
    3.    Proper formatting of content to enhance the effectiveness of keywords. Use heading tags for your content and in the headings use all the main keywords. Use other formatting features such as underlining, bolding, italicizing the text that is important. In this case, the important text is the keywords.
    4.    If you have lot of text in a particular page, try to split it up so that you can get the maximum benefit. Search engines do not normally crawl to the last page of your website. So if you have lengthy content in the same page, search engines may not crawl the entire page.
    5.    Try to avoid Content Separation in your pages using IP or browser types. This can affect your website’s ranking. This will confuse the search engine bots. It is best to have different pages in case the nature of your website demands you to serve different content based on the IP. When you use different pages, the URL will be different so there is no room for confusion.
    6.    Never use invisible text in your web pages hoping to increase your keyword density. You can easily get the desired keyword density using visible text and you do not have to necessarily use all such black hat tactics to get the search engine’s attention. You will get the search engine’s attention but it will be negative attention, which is not desirable.
    7.    Make sure that your website has the desired keyword density. This does not mean that you have to stuff your website content with keywords. Keyword stuffing will elicit search engine penalty.
    These are some of the factors that you need to take in to consideration. There are many other factors that make or break your website content. But the one’s listed above are the most crucial ones.

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