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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 128. Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind While Optimizing Your Site

    One of the things that SEO professionals have to keep in mind is to keep the bigger picture in mind while optimizing their site. Lot of things can happen in the world of internet, many changes will take place, many things will come and go. We should not be distracted with those changes. We need to keep ourselves abreast with the latest changes but we should not make fidgety changes that will make our website’s SEO unstable.

    Whatever changes come, the basic principles would remain the same. All our optimization efforts should be deeply rooted in sound principles of SEO and it should not be swayed by popular approaches that create a huge buzz temporarily and go like air bubble. This is not to mean that our SEO efforts should ignore what is happening around us. We should indeed take advantage of all the latest technologies, strategies and approaches. The point that is being made here is that these changes that are of temporary nature should not make us deviate from these sound principles of SEO.

    If our approach to SEO is to be shaped by daily changes that are happening in the world of internet, then we may not be able to drive any reasonable traffic to our website on a regular basis. Some of the trendy approaches may sometimes go against the fundamental rules of SEO. We should not count on such principles and we should also be prudent in identifying new strategies that will bring lasting results. For example, reciprocal link building has seen a natural death and webmasters do not spend a lot of time on reciprocal link building campaigns. This does not mean that linking is not important anymore; gaining good number of back links to increase the importance of our site is one of the sound SEO approaches. However, how we get those links changes from time to time. The changes that are happening along these lines are to be adapted to become more efficient in our link building. The recent changes in this front are to be welcomed as the latest strategies like social bookmarking, blogging, taking part in forum discussions etc., help us to get quality one way links that are of permanent nature. Moreover, these links are free, we do not have to pay anyone. They are also safe links that increase the importance of our website in the eyes of search engines.

    There are other changes such as the launch of a new search engine such as Bing should not affect our SEO efforts too much. We should indeed adapt our approach to get good rankings in Bing as well but we should not forget about the major source of traffic in this process.

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