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  • SEO Step By Step Guide – 123. Questions on Google Supplemental Results

    There are many questions and doubts amongst website owners and SEO professionals. Let us try to address few of those questions here in this post.

    Some of the common questions regarding Google Supplemental Results:
    1.    What are supplemental results?
    2.    Is supplemental result a true phenomenon?
    3.    Is this only a Google phenomenon or is it a common search engine phenomenon?
    4.    When do websites go to supplemental results?
    5.    What should we do to overcome the problem?
    1. What are supplemental results?
    This is a Google’s way of controlling the exposure of websites that are considered to have duplicate content. Websites that are marked for supplemental results will show up in the search results page only after the normal results.

    2. Is supplemental result a true phenomenon?
    Yes, supplemental results is a true phenomenon and it affects our website’s ranking.

    3. Is this only a Google phenomenon or is it a common search engine phenomenon?
    From the available information, it looks like that it is just a Google phenomenon and not a common search engine phenomenon. However, Google is the most widely used search engine and as such, being listed under supplemental results in Google will be damaging enough. So we cannot take things lightly if we are marked for supplemental results.

    4. When do websites go to supplemental results?
    There are number of situations experts observe that a website is marked for supplemental results. One of the main causes whereby websites go to supplemental results is stale content. If your website happens to have the same content every time the search engine bot crawls your website, then Google will conclude that there is nothing happening in your website and it will reduce the frequency of its visits to your site and this will be the starting point of getting into supplemental results.

    Besides that, if your website also contains duplication of content, then you can be sure of entering into supplemental results because in Google’s eyes, your website does not have anything useful to offer. So they push you further down to the supplemental results.

    It is therefore, important to keep your website content fresh with the latest information and new content. Secondly all the pages of your website should have unique content both within your website as well as outside your website.

    Using content from the other websites and article directories will also send your website to Google’s supplemental results.

    5. What should we do to overcome the problem?
    If you want to pull your website out of the supplemental results, make sure to put fresh latest content in your website. Make sure that all the pages have unique titles and head tags so that you are not victimized for duplicate content issues. Try to keep the content as original as possible; avoid using content from Wikipedia, article directories etc.

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