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  • SEO Step By Step Guide – 120. Importance of Link Stability

    When you want to ensure stable ranking for your website you must lay a solid foundation for your website. One of the factors that help you increase your website’s ranking is back links. One of the problems that people face with back links is the instability. Sometimes we get links from related websites that do not have a long standing history. They may be temporary websites, which are registered for one or two years and after that, the owner of the website does not fancy the website anymore and allows it to expire. Once the website expires, our links too become dead. More than losing the links our website will start having broken links, which is not good for our website. So unstable links are disadvantageous in two ways.

    To avoid all such problems we must get links that are of permanent nature. Link building is an art in itself. We must pick sites that are well established and sites with good page rank. Well established sites are unlikely to go dead and their owners will not let go of such sites. However, we should make sure that our links that we get from such sites are of permanent nature. We should also make sure to constantly check our links so that we will know immediately when they lead to broken link.

    One of the best ways of ensuring permanent links for our website is to submit our website to established directories. When we do so, our links will remain in those directories permanently giving a boost to our ranking. We can also get permanent links from social networking sites. Such links are not only free, they are also permanent. All these links from social networking sites, directories and also links from article banks through article submissions will serve as a great foundation for our site keeping our sites ranking good.

    On the other hand when the link count drops then our ranking too will drop gradually. If one or two links drop, it will not make a big difference as long as those links are not from websites with high PR. Losing links from high PR sites can be highly damaging. So make sure that your high PR links are retained. If you lose too many links then too your website’s ranking will drop. If the pagerank of the pages from which you are getting your link improves, your ranking will also see improvement. So get links from websites that are aggressive in their promotional efforts because when their website gets good ranking your ranking too will be enhanced.

    By paying attention to these factors, you will be able to secure good permanent back links for your website. Such links will help you get good ranking and when you also get deep links then you will find a better position in the search engines for all your keywords.

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