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  • SEO Step By Step Guide– 106. Making Use of the Latest SEO strategies

    Those who have been in this field will know that SEO has not been the same all these year. SEO sees a tremendous growth, change and new features every year. We have incorporated many new methods that were not there 10 years ago and dropped some of the methods that don’t yield results anymore. Search engines too have changed a great deal over these years. If we want to be successful with our SEO efforts it is essential that our efforts match with the latest trends and requirements of the search engine.

    If we stick on to the old strategies we will not be able to face the competition because our competitors will be far ahead of us in terms of incorporating the latest SEO strategies. Moreover, many of the new strategies that we have adapted today are used just because they are highly effective. Indeed, they are more effective than some of the older methods. For example we used to spend a lot of time in reciprocal link building campaigns. Number of companies even hired full time employees to engage in reciprocal link building for their company. However, this method of link building has died out, as we don’t need to do link exchange to get our back links anymore. There are many platforms that are at our disposal today, which we can use to build links that too one-way links. Most of these link building strategies that we bring today are permanent one way link building strategies. They are also free link building strategies. We just need the time to do the link building or hire a company that can handle the link building needs of our website.

    Social bookmarking is becoming one of the latest and most popular SEO strategies used today. This brings us the required traffic, exposure and links. No other method brings such benefits to our SEO table.

    The more we are attuned to the latest strategies greater the success with our SEO. With every phase, the newer strategies are found to be more effective than the previous old methods. Unless our approach changes according to the latest strategies we are bound to chase the competition rather than lead it. We should also remember that there are always companies that are bigger than us and ready to pour money into their SEO. In this situation we should take advantage of all the latest tools and methods available. We should be the first one to implement the new strategies or try new methods. By doing so we can become the trend setters and enjoy greater success without having to spend a lot of money. Interestingly most of the latest strategies are very simple to implement though all of them are time consuming. So why not take advantage of these latest strategies.

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