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  • SEO Step By Step Guide: 1. When should the SEO for a website start?

    In this ‘Step-By-Step Guide’ series, we will be looking at all the aspects of optimizing websites. This series will treat all the aspects from the basics to the most advanced SEO techniques, tips and tricks.

    First things first, many webmasters have the following question daunting them constantly, “When should the SEO for a website start?” If that is your question too, then here is the answer, it should start even before you select your domain name. You should incorporate your SEO firm in all your business-planning discussions. They should be involved right from the moment you start thinking of launching your website for your offline business or online business. Many webmasters make the mistake of sending their websites to the SEO firm’s review after the completion and launching of their website.

    Today every business has a website, right from the florist to pizza counters everyone is trying to promote their business online because that is where people look for when they need a service or a product. This trend will continue to increase and the number of people stopping by the stores to pick something will reduce gradually as the online services increase. You must be mindful of this trend and when you draw up your business plan, you must have a certain budget set aside for your business website. There is no good having a business website when it does not have any visitor traffic. Therefore, your SEO efforts should start much before you start developing your website.

    You must decide the right domain name for your business website. If you look at the recent trend in domain registration, you will be able to notice that website names or URLs are moving away from fancy names to keyword rich domain names. In other words, domain names are selected based on the words or phrases that people will be using to search for a service that you are launching. This gives your website a great advantage with the search engines. The relevance of your website increases for a search that is made by the users. In the future posts we will look at role of keywords in SEO. As for now, it just needs to be understood keywords are nothing but the search words or phrases that are used by internet users while they want to retrieve information from the worldwide web.

    So you must know what are the words that people use when they are looking for your services. However, you must also make sure that your website address is keyword rich and at the same time attractive. It should be remembered easily and the quality of the domain name should not be sacrificed to make it keyword rich because your website address serves as the address or face of your business online. You can get help from a professional SEO company to get the best out of your business websites domain name.

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