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  • SEO Report – PPC vs PTC

    It’s important to understand the difference between PPC and PTC programs. Pay Per Click (PPC) mens you pay for every click through to your website after signing up for a pay-per-click- program such as Google AdWords. Paid To Click (PTC), on the other hand is entirely different.

    Paid To Click is a rather grey area way of driving traffic to your website. There are many paid to click companies that promise excellent traffic to your website. Ads are served up to subscribers within a membership network and on specified websites only. The ads are displayed for negotiated period of time, and each subscriber is paid per click on an ad if they view the ad for the entire duration of the display time.

    Paid To Click

    This can drive traffic to your site, but the problem is that these are not targeted visitors. The subscriber network is not really interested in your products or services; their goal is earning money through the paid clicks scheme simply be viewing as many ads as they can. Many will sit and read a book or play online games while working their way through required ‘viewings’ .

    This makes PTC one of the more unsuccessful traffic generation strategies. If at all there are any websites that are benefiting from PTC programs, it is probably the PTC websites themselves. Those who want to make money clicking on the ads are always on the lookout for more PTC programs to signup to make more money. So they get greater click-throughs and conversions. Some work from home websites may also do well with PTC, since PTC’ers are already in that niche.

    It is very rare to get conversions from traffic driven from PTC traffic because it is rare that their interests will coincide your services or products. Spending money on such sites will deliver a much lower ROI than other methods of traffic driving.

    When it comes down to SEO and SEM strategies, it is not enough simply to know about successful strategies; you must also know strategies that do not work so that you will not spend your money trying them out – or your time lured by their empty promises. Stay away from PTC programs.

    There are paid traffic generation strategies that do work; if you have to pick the best method to reinforce your online marketing efforts, select PPC or contextual ad networks. These are the proven and highly successful models. If well implemented they can increase your traffic as well as your sales.

    Using banner ads is another good approach though the exposure is more limited. However, if your ad partners are carefully chosen, theycan send highly targeted traffic to your website. Depending on the nature of your business and the limitations of your budget, you may also choose to launch affiliate programs. If you have a great affiliate product, this has one of the highest ROI as you share profits with the affiliate marketers and don’t pay anything unless they make a sale.

    Paid traffic generation should only be used as a boost and back-up for organic traffic generation strategies. Have your SEO firm show you how to spend your dollars wisely on natural SEO and link building efforts!

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