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  • SEO Report: Hosting Services

    Choosing a hosting service is as important as choosing which college to attend!

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    Many people  wonder exactly what has hosting got to do with SEO. Well, web hosting may not be directly linked to your website’s SEO but it certainly can have a great impact on the number of visitors that visit your website and the results of your SEO efforts. So, what is the link between the two?

    Where IS your website, really? Where does it pop up from in search results? If people are to visit your website, it must be hosted online. There is no use having a brilliant website developed and have it stored in your personal computer. Only when it is hosted online it can be accessed by people worldwide.

    This means finding a reputable host. If you do not pick your hosting service provider with care, you might end up having trouble with how much of the time your website is available for viewing. You must pick a hosting service that has the highest server up time. If the up time of your chosen server is low, then the number visitors that cannot access your website will increase. Despite all your SEO efforts, your website will revert to being useless if you have hosted your website on a poor server that has long periods of downtime. You will lose a lot of visitors this way.

    Why is this important? If your website is down frequently, even visitors who visit your website regularly will get frustrated. Poor hosting is one of the surest ways of losing your online popularity. It will work against all that you have done for your website. Even more serious damages can be caused by hosting your website with a poor hosting service provider. Not only human visitors come to your website; search bots visit your website regularly.

    Search engines visit all the websites regularly to index them for the latest updates. If your website is often down, then even the search engine bots cannot access your site files. This is really one of the worst things that can happen to your website – and if it happens too frequently, then the search bots will stop visiting your site altogether, spelling disaster as your website will not be indexed fully or kept current.  This can have a serious negative effect on your website’s ranking.

    Every new effort and modification that you make to your site to improve its ranking will not be updated if your website is down when the search bot visits you. While every website online is trying to get to the top, you cannot afford to have poor hosting service. You will lose a lot of money if your website happens to be down during holiday season when the online shopping is expected to reach the peak. Bottom line – find reliable hosting service. It is absolutely essential for your site’s online success.

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