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  • SEO Report: Cross Browser Compatibility


    Once upon a time, Internet Explorer (IE) was the ultimate browsing dominator. This browser completely monopolized the internet – but things have changed.  Instead of just one browser in the internet industry (which made it much easier for web designers and webmasters to build websites) it is now necessary to take into account that new websites and old work well with multiple browser types.

    Formerly, coding one’s own website was much simpler because it had to satisfy only the IE specifications. Now there are so many browsers that a professional is often needed; the IE only era is over, and internet users are turning to other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape, and many other browsers little known to the masses. You cannot run compatibility tests for over 30 browsers, but we should make sure to run compatibility tests with at least the top 6 browsers listed above.

    It is important to run browser compatibility tests for your website because internet users are not limited to IE anymore and you need your website to be easily accessible to all visitors irrespective of the browser types that they use. Failing to be compatible means an adverse effect on your visitor traffic rate and website conversion rates.

    If your website’s features do not work with all the browser types, this can frustrate the users who are using non-conventional browser types. If they get stuck on the payment page or in order form,  your website users will lose faith in your products and services end up buying from your competitors. You must take every step to avoid these problems because as a webmaster, you know how difficult it is to get good rankings in search engines. Once you have achieved a decent search engine ranking, if your websites fail due to cross browser compatibility issues, you will have utterly wasted all of that time, money and energy down a sure way to loss and failure of your business.

    All of your efforts should return maximum benefit. The ultimate aim is to get more sales out of your website and one of the final steps to achieving that goal is keeping the visitor on the website long enough to realize a sale. If you fail this step by not ensuring cross browser compatibility, you have failed all the way from the very first step! The importance of cross browser compatibility to a website’s ultimate success cannot be overemphasized. If you want to make sure that you get highest ROI out of every visitor that visits your website, then you cannot do without extensive cross browser compatibility tests.

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