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  • SEO Recap – PPC Campaigns

    Is PPC the Way to Go?

    Engineering a delicate balance of organic traffic and paid traffic can help immensely when you start trying to maximize your sales levels. PPC or Pay Per Click programs are one of the best paid traffic generation methods, and can send your website a steady flow of traffic all year long. This can be especially beneficial when a website is new and has not had a chance to rank highly yet to bring in organic traffic.  Although PPC is one of the most effective methods, one should not rely completely on PPC for all their website’s traffic, and should carefully weigh their adspend to ensure they don’t exceed budget.

    Screenshot of pay-per-click internet marketing.

    In short, PPC campaigns should only be used as a supporting traffic generation strategy, and not as standalone tactic to get traffic. Depending on the nature of the products or services that you offer. It is possible you will want more traffic at certain times of year;  it’s easy to strengthen your traffic numbers and conversions during such times by increasing your PPC spending. This is almost a science – certain products or services will even show better conversion rates on certain days of the week, so you can take advantage of facts like these to increase your sales levels by driving more traffic on these days. PPC  is the easiest way to do this, as you can up and reduce adspend depending on your parameters to increase your site’s traffic for the desired period.

    This said, once your site is established, free organic traffic should drive most of your website’s traffic. Organic methods should contribute to a higher percentage of your website’s total traffic, and PPC simply used to boost your traffic levels when a sudden hike in the traffic level is required.  One of the greatest advantages of PPC is that you can modify your advertising budget any time, putting you in total control of your advertising expenses. If you see your organic traffic picking up you can reel back your aspen and concentrate your budget on boosting that free traffic with extra SEO tactics.

    Of course, increasing your ad spending does not guarantee you will automatically get the required business conversions. Your conversion rate depends on the quality of the traffic or the leads generated through PPC. This means you have to carefully draft your PPC ads so that you only attract targeted traffic – people who are seriously interested in your product or service. Since you will be paying for every visitor who clicks on the PPC, you don’t want to spend your money on ads that attract the wrong type of visitors; after all, you still have to pay for clicks by those who happen to mistake your ad for some other service or product. This means your advertising budget will be eaten away without the required conversions.

    Having an experience copywriter handle your ad copy and continually testing your ads against each other is the best way to run a PPC campaign.

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