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  • SEO Recap – Correct Article Submissions Procedures

    Article submissions can help you get high quality back links – as long as you do them properly and don’t think results will come irrespective of the quality of the work done. Junk articles may get you links, but they will do you enough damage in other areas to make those links less valuable.

    Starting to submit your articles to the article directories should begin with compiling an exhaustive list of article directories available on the web. Do not submit to these directories in a random fashion… Start at the beginning, and organize your list of article sites with well established sites and websites with high page rank on the top of your list, rather than arranging the directories alphabetically! You should be submitting first to directories with high page rank and article directories that have been online for a number of years so that your links will have the highest possible value.

    Your submissions should start with the websites with high PR. This will get your high value links indexed first, boosting your website’s ranking. When submitting articles to article directories, do not complete all submissions on the same day using an automated submission software. This sends up red flags to search engines, who prefer a more natural linking pattern with links acquired over the course of days, weeks and months. Try to spread the submissions over a period of time so that your websites will acquire links in a more natural fashion.

    Never submit the same article to hundreds of article directories; this can be regarded as ‘spam’ by search engines and the will start ignoring the articles.  You need as many variations as possible- but don’t let this tempt you into using article spinning software products to churn out articles that do not make any sense to the human readers.These articles are rarely approved by the article directories so you will be wasting time submitting poorly written articles, and will end up having to pay an editor. Save your time and money and hire a qualified article writer instead.

    Your article content should be as interesting as possible and give some valuable information to the audience so that they will be compelled to link to your article or click through the link to your website. This means the article should be readable, not stuffed with keywords (which will also send an alert to the search engines). Keyword stuffing dilutes the effectiveness of your article submission efforts.

    Before submitting the articles, check all the links that you include in the article. Manually click the links and check whether it is leading to the right page.  Typographical errors in the links can send visitors and search engine bots to 404 pages, completely negating the work you have done on your article submission. Double-checking the links always pays off!

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    If you want to boost your search rankings and your traffic for a particular season, do not wait and submit your articles at the last moment. It takes a lot of time to submit your articles to all top article directories,and additional time for the article directories to approve your articles. Then, the search engines have to index your articles and other users can pick up and publish your articles in their own sites with the links. Plan well in advance so that you can reap the benefits in due time!

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