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  • SEO Recap – Backlink Methods

    Backlink Methods

    Linking is the Second Step in SEO after Content Optimization

    Different ways of getting high quality back links for your site include implementing one or more of the following strategies:

    Hiring a SEO firm to supply a link building package – this option may cost you up front, but you’ save considerably in time and a professional team will be able to quickly and efficiently build a strong network of links to high PR webpages.

    Directory submission –  submitting your websites to relevant link directories will increase your traffic as well as your back links. This is a a great way to build one-way links with no need to exchange any links.

    Article submission – for this strategy, you simply create interesting article relevant to (but not directly advertising your website’s services or products and post them in article directories. Most article directories allow free submissions. Some of the article directories require you to signup for a free account and need you to confirm your link while others will allow you to submit your articles without any signup.

    The way article directories work is by allowing you to submit one to three live links in the article resource box. Some of the sites also allow live links in the article body but will limit the total number of links that you can use within the article text. Many article directories will not permit links in the article body.

    Each article directory will have their own submission guidelines and approval process, so pay attention and follow the rules for each one so you don’t get blacklisted as a spammer. Article submission involves lot more effort than directory submissions, but it certainly pays back tenfold, particularly is you use good SEO to make your articles show in search results. This can lead to increased traffic and more visibility.

    Social book marking on content oriented sites – use sites that allow a snippit of an article to be shared with a link back to your site or the article directory to increase traffic and visibility.  Content oriented sites such as Digg and Delicious allow you to share your newsworthy stories. These sites get good rankings from the search engines because of the freshness of their content.

    Blogs – You can post in blog comments with a link in your signature, but be certain to join in the conversation and only post on relevant blogs or you will be deleted or banned for spamming.

    Forums – The same etiquette applies to forums – if you set yourself up as a helpful addition to the forum, no-one will mind if you link back to your website, but if you mindlessly spam with links back to your site you run the risk of bing banned or blacklisted. Some forums will require that you become established in the community by making a certain number of posts before you can use active links in your signature.

    Social networking sites –
    You can post links back to your open site, but most communities are very sensitive to self promotion so you’ll need to be an active member and post links to other people’s sites as well – about one of every ten posts should be related to your own business, no more.

    Also make use of social sites that allow pictures and videos – many people enjoy these and will be likely to let you posts a lot of times as long as you keep their interest. Social networking sites or community sites have continually high levels of visitor traffic and they also have fresh content posted regularly. Search engine spiders visit these sites frequently, making this one of the fastest ways of getting indexed links.

    Press releases – If you can put a non-promotional, newsworthy spin on something to do with your business, a press release is an excellent idea. It can be picked up by dozens of outlets and add extra links with each republication.

    Use these methods to quickly build high quality one way links.

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