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  • SEO NEWS: Online Privacy Still at Risk

    SEOs are as concerned with online privacy as anyone which is why a recent survey by EFF that disclosed how companies are using the information they gather from users and to what length they will protect that data was making huge waves in SEO news. What they found was that there are some big companies out there that do not have your back when it comes to protecting your private data in any way, shape or form. Skype, MySpace and Verizon were tied for the undisputed worst turning over user data without so much as informing them of it.

    Why this is important to SEOs is that anytime a major company breaches confidentiality it makes it that much harder for smaller companies to gain and maintain the trust of their users online. While some of the big players will fight for user privacy in court or even at the congressional level, most stop short of that. It is these large multi-billion corporations that act as the safeguard against invasive and censuring legislation like SOPA and PIPA that keeps the Internet open.

    So while you may think that an issue of privacy is not SEO news, the reality is that without privacy there is little to the Internet and no need for SEOs or anyone in related fields because the web would become irrelevant. For everyone – not just SEOs knowing who has your back and what platforms are safest to use is something important because you do not want to host content on servers that will not protect you.

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