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  • SEO NEWS: Facebook Hashtagging Falls Flat

    In SEO news, webmasters have been trying to find out how much the social search index at Bing is driving them traffic and how well optimizing for that index is working. The Bing social index is more temporary than anything else to reflect the speed at which social networks change as well as the vast amount of content that filters through them. So far, it has not been the easiest of undertakings. As the index relies heavily on the social networks Twitter and Facebook for content, and Facebook is buggy at best as of late, data has not

    been as reliable as would be hoped for.

    Facebook has not transitioned to the use of hashtags as effectively or efficiently as had been hoped for. They are not being indexed well on Facebook’s end right now, and users still haven’t quite gotten used to the  idea of having them on that platform yet. The majority of people don’t even seem to know that they serve an actual purpose on Facebook yet making them incredibly underutilized meaning some very hot content is being bypassed in indexing.

    With those factors alone in mind, there is no way to get an accurate grip. SEOs are continuing business as usual and getting results, but it’s difficult to tell how easily results will come one bugs are worked out. Also more widespread hashtag use will raise the competitive level and change how the game is played.


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