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  • SEO NEWS: Baby Steps to Compete with Google

    In SEO news, a look at the year to date in search engine traffic has revealed very little that is surprising and does to some degree beg the question as to why anyone has been spending so much time and resources to find out and make such an incredibly big deal of announcing what the world already knew. Google is the leader in search queries hands down. It’s not even close – no one is approaching them nor can they for years unless Google completely falls apart internally.

    Bing came in a dis

    tant second. Bing has eaten into nearly .4% of the market share, but it hasn’t been at Google’s expense, it’s been at the expense of AOL, who surprisingly enough still has a search engine, and Yahoo which equally as surprising is still in business. Both of those search engines are continuing to lose ground each month to varying degrees. It’s not known how much longer they will even be offered as expenses outweigh revenue for each under their current models.

    Most SEOs feel very confident in agreeing that the current trend will continue to be the trend for the next several years. It may of course change slightly as minor search engines go extinct, but there seems to be little doubt that Google and Bing will hold the #1 and #2 positions in the SERP wars for years to come.


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