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  • SEO Isn’t a Gamble

    When most people hear words like ‘algorithm’, ‘statistics’ and ‘trend variations’ start being tossed around, the tendency is to glaze over and zone out. However, SEO isn’t a crap shoot or a gutsy gamble – it’s a science built on accumulated data and fairly predictable results. The key to it all is being able to take all of that data that has been compiled and make sense of it. Therein lies the problem – not everyone can do that or has the time or desire to do it which is why SEO companies are so invaluable.

    You have to have content, which is creative, but you also have to have an idea of keyword density, rewrite rules, and other data driven numbers and percentages. Creative, original content on it’s own can get you only so far. You need to have the science mixed in with it to get the best possible results. This is where your professional SEO copywriters come in.

    SEO is subjective at times – there will always be differences of opinion, and trial and error is a god part of certain aspects – but objectivity is certainly not absent. Algorithms change, competition changes, and even your keywords may change over time, but the process, science, that is SEO remains fairly static.

    The algorithms change, but they do exist, and at any given time there are definite rules which must be followed to achieve results. If you aren’t in the industry, or willing to spend a fair portion of time following each change and how that will impact searches, you are not going to get very far – unless of course you outsource it.

    Google, Yahoo and Bing’s algorithms are ever changing, which is why there is always a need for SEOs who are full on geeks, to reverse-engineer those algorithms and find the cracks to exploit. When you are able to define the algorithm enough to formulate a plan of attack, you are in essence working out your own algorithm to analyze your site and pages and turn the tables. If it sounds difficult, it is. The search giants guard their algorithms and try to stay one step ahead of everyone trying to crack them.

    This means using all the data you can gather to make decisions. You have to create a benchmark against which to score your Content, Keyword Choices, PageRank, Indexation, Internal Links, Inbound Links, Hierarchical Linking Structure, HTML Templates and CSS. Everything plays into the formula that makes for solid SEO that can withstand most changes the SERPs may throw at them.

    Examine all urls, title tags, internal anchor text, keyword prominence, H1s, and meta descriptions, Deconstruct your site and distill all the data you can from each component to figure out what your algorithm should be. Then and only then will you be able to compete effectively. Don’t skimp on your SEO – if you do you can bet that your competition will not and they will get the advantage.

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