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  • SEO in your Blog

    Bloggers usually go with the flow, even bloggers who are also website owners and know the importance of SEO! However, there can be no greater power than your blog as a tool for overall traffic to your site and ready to hand links if you do your work right.

    First, make your blog as important as your site in respect to links, Look for good links to your blog wherever you find links for your site, In some cases, it is even easier to get links to a blog because people will naturally links to blogs as a source of news and information, and you can also use other tactics to get links.

    A great tactic is coming up with a tool, widget or gadget or even a theme if you are good at that sort of thing. Imbed code in it and then give it away for free on the understanding that the coded link is not to be removed or tampered with. You can get a lot of links if you simply come up with something cool enough.

    Another important thing is optimizing your blog – you can often be more outrageous on your blog to get more attention and also you can use video and mages with more freedom and this means you can tag! Tag all your images, post them to bookmarking sites, and use social networks to get people to follow your blog.  Install an RSS feed and send out free newsletters and free stuff to people on your list.

    Participation is key in the blogging world, so take advantage of the power of the blog and reap the benefits of a huge community and all the niche markets that are related to your own.

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