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  • SEO For Your Google Playstore Apps

    Marketing ones products and Services through the use of Google apps is not something now. When you are marketing your brand in Google Playstore also poses its own challenges you will be able to drive adequate traffic to your website from Google Playstore only when your app enjoys good visibility. This calls for another unique SEO and Marketing scenario. Inadvertently you will have to promote your App effectively. The Subsequent questions therefore are how to get your Google App listed on top how does Google list the Apps in the Playstore. How does the Google Playstore Search engine work?

    There are varied notions on the above concerns. Some consider that it is the Number of downloads that decide your listing. Others say that it is to Number of reviews that matter. However there are no direct link between these factors and Playstore listings. Some SEOs try to link the listings to the Keyword richness of the listing title. This again does not have any linking evidence.

    One of the factors that has very positive impact in this regard is general listing of your app in to other App directories on the Web besides the Google play store. If you promote your app well online then your listing will improve in Play Store as well. One of the questions that you are likely to have is, then why not directly market ones brand in the time that is spent on promoting the Google app? This is a valid question however it is much easier to get your app listed in play Store than getting your website listed. Moreover you will be able to elicit the attention of your target customers by coming up with interesting App for your users. When it comes to SEO and marketing you will have to make use of the latest Strategies. This however does not mean that you will have to stop all the other conventional methods of Ranking. Your ranking and SEO efforts should complement one another. You should make use of as many complimenting strategies as possible.

    Using Google app to promote one’s products and Services is indeed one of the best and the most effective strategies today. Brace yourself with all such latest Search engine marketing techniques so that you get the desired level of Success. You will have to however remember to increase the visibility of your app.  Submit your app to as many app directories as possible. this will not only get your website good quality one way links but it will also help you get better visibility in Google Playstore eventually. Try to create your own page in app directories and you are sure to reap rich rewards. Regardless of the nature of the strategies that you use you should be very consistent in your efforts. This is equally true with your Google apps marketing strategy.

    One more factor that you need to remember is to create Google apps that are relevant to your products or services so that you will be able to attract targeted customers.

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