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    The many different approaches to search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing to a new webmaster. As with all other processes and methods, there are honest ways to do things and crooked or illegal ones. Google says ‘Don’t be evil’, and the best policy is to have a solid site with transparent measures, and you will outlast competitors who use underhanded or shady tactics to try for the high ranking spots!

    In SEO, if you create good content and do your homework when hiring search engine optimization experts to aid you with distribution, linking, social networking and the like, you will be fine. Utilizing affordable search engine optimization services will help add to your exposure all over the internet, letting you stay a step ahead of the competition and abreast of all the current trends. You need to make sure the company you are working with is ethical, though – some services will sue black hat tactics to get you to the top of the SERPs fast, then you will be left holding the bag whenthe Google police arrive to penalize you!


    It’s very frustrating to arrive at a website and have lots difficulty understanding where to go for the information you are looking for. You hate it when it happens to you, so make sure your visitors don’t hate you in turn! You need to use clearly marked navigation so your visitors click through to the appropriate page instead of away in exasperation. You also need the spiders to be able to easily navigate your site, indexing your text and links.


    Acquiring link-backs from other strong websites helps to increase your site’s popularity. Find websites with similar content (who aren’t in direct competition with you) who have high link popularity. Make sure you only link to sites that have content you don’t mind being associated with. Make sure the links within and without your site all work!

    Take Advice

    Read blogs like this one for tips and tricks to strengthen your web presence and increase your traffic. There are many so called ‘gurus’ out there, but your best bet is to read several blogs and talk to some real life SEO experts and find out what does and doesn’t work. Always ask your SEO firm to show you exactly what they are doing and explain why – this will help keep you safe! A good SEO company will have no problem providing a report of each service they perform for you.

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