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  • Selecting an Link Building Service Part One

    You cannot underestimate the importance of link building to your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Most search engines place a degree of trust in a website for each inbound, relevant links that comes from a website that is also trusted, so link building has become and integral part of internet marketing. Significant link building can be extremely helpful in achieving long-term organic traffic and increasing your position on the SERPS.

    See  full size image You need a link building wizard!

    However, many online SEO companies don’t recognize link building for the powerful tool it is, or understand the impact good link building can have on their clients’ websites. They links carelessly from whatever websites or directories that have access to, thinking that these listings will satisfy their customers and ignoring the intrinsic value of links beyond their usefulness as a vehicle to channel PageRank. Professional link building companies offer a variety of link building services that can increase not only rankings, but traffic and conversion rates as well.

    Of course, most website owners want to attain the goal of being in the top 10 position in search engine results for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Good SEO, keyword research and usage, and links all play into this achievement, but don’t be misled into thinking that all links are good for is rankings.

    Let’s look at links for a minute. Their original purpose was to provide a way to get from one webpage to another. The SERPs are just a list of links. Links can be utilized to bring traffic to your website as well as link juice.

    Imagine each link coming into your site as a doorway, through which energy can flow. That is all well and good – you want the PageRank from the site where the link is located to flow to you – but isn’t a door’s primary purpose to allow people to pass through? Don’t ignore linking for traffic as well as PageRank.

    This means making sure you choose of link building services provider that offers the best value for your money – namely, a link building campaign that offers more than simple link juice, abut actually increases your creditability on the Internet. This company or service provider should have the qualities listed in the next post to be truly effective. Remember, quantity and quality should be of equal importance – too few links is bad, but crappy links is worse!

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