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  • Was the Recent SERP Shake up Result of Google Penguin Update?

    Recently, a major stir was noticed with the search ranking results. Overnight, the search engine results experienced a major shake up. It majorly was attributed to the long awaited Google Penguin Update. Although the first impression was of a newer and much advanced update but with no reliable confirmation from search engine giants, everything was reduced to mere speculations.

    Google Penguin Update

    So, what exactly went through?

    The initial response was of course, of a Google Penguin update. Every note of speculation pertaining to Google Penguin update was put to rest by a Trends Analyst at Google. Google had also announced the inclusion of Google panda in its core algorithm. The reason for the correlation of search engine results shake up and updating was probably the simultaneous announcement of update and the lingering Panda news. With Google Panda as part of the core algorithm, it is highly unlikely that the change in trend was due to a Google Penguin update.

    In any case, it is expected that the latest update, which is deemed as a “big animal” update in all certainty, would be announced for SEO teams to take note of.

    Now, if it was not a major update what is the hoopla all about?

    Generally, Google updates that are not too intricate are not announced. On one hand while the SEO teams could breathe a sigh of relief, the amount of changes it brought in sure gave nightmares to many professionals. Much of those nightmares were because of uncertainty looming large over the entire scenario. Google algorithm takes in several parameters that ultimately decide the search engine rankings of a website. Amongst all the comprising parameters, there are some, which do not hold much weightage while others play a major role. The extent of changes is one factor, which made it confusing for professionals to either deem it a “big animal” update, or not.

    The Wait Continues
    Google Penguin 4.0 is long awaited and with confirmation from Google it is all about time. The drastic changes in search engine rankings are due to the core algorithm that monitors the quality of the link generated. There was a time when spammy links could actually get your website in the tops ranks on SERP rankings. This is what the core algorithm works on and makes sure that the spammy links do not have any say on the SERP results.

    Google Penguin 4.0 is much needed entity to get rid of spammy links and make sure that dubious forces are kept at bay from top ranks. The last update offered by the search engine giants was way back in 2014.

    With confirmation from Google about Penguin to be launched soon it is of no wonder that many jumped the gun and attributed the SERP results to the new update.

    Result of Penguin Update
    Google Penguin update is creating the right buzz. With real time update, dubious links can be sorted with much effectiveness and in real time. SERP ranking will change more rapidly and the guilty will be punished in quick time with the appropriate penalty. The issues can be fixed without any delay or wait and if your website is crawled, it can be resolved just in time.
    On the downside, it might give a chance to spammers to try out newer and better ways to get an upper hand over the algorithm.

    What it means for websites?
    Amidst all these speculations and uncertainty, nothing can be said for sure until Google actually announces the arrival of Google Penguin 4.0. Google search algorithm will keep changing every time. With these continuous changes towards a better search engine platform, it is essential for websites to keep on evolving with these changing algorithm codes. The best defense for this ever changing algorithm is to keep your website updated and relevant.

    If you are worried about the spammy links that might get the attention of Google Penguin update then a link audit is something that you should think about. Pleading ignorance for a Google penalty would not solve anything. So, get on the task and make sure that every back link is legit and the templates or inner links only enhance the UX of your website.

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