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  • Real Time Search Results – Updating the SERPS

    Have you noticed Twitter results showing up with surprising frequency on search engine results pages (SER

    Ps)? That is in large part because social media networks have become highly trusted for relevant, real time content, and you can boost your rankings with a little attention to this practice. What many people don’t understand is that once a name is taken, it’s taken – and securing your brand name early can be vital. That is a lesson Netflix learned when it didn’t check to see if Qwuikster was taken before choosing a brand name for it’s spin off company.

    What Twitter offers in the area of branding and customer communication benefits include greater visibility for you and your company, but don’t forget one of the biggest boosts of all – Twitter is an incredible unpaid resource to help you show up high in the SERPs and get more top ten rankings simply on the basis of properly SEOd Tweets. Even people not trying to SEO their tweets often see a boost – imagine what you can do if you actually put some effort into it!

    Can I really optimize 140 characters? Sure you can. It’s a matter of prioritizing what you have to say and then cobbling it all together correctly. SEO content writing is pertinent to every single thing you produce online – and if you can SEO a photo caption, you can SEO a Tweet. There really is no difference.

    The first step is to get your brand name as your Twitter name. A modified version will not be much use, so aim for an exact match. That is of the utmost importance. If someone has taken your brand name, you may be able to find a way to get it for yourself; a possible avenue of recourse includes filing registering a trademark squatting complaint through Twitter requesting that they turn the name over to you as the rightful trademark owner. If the wrongfully branded account is inactive and has been for some time, Twitter may be willing to reassign the name to you. if all else fails, you can always offer to buy it.

    Link Twitter and other social networks such as Facebook to multiply the effect. You can update statuses between the two applications, so add a Twitter tab to your Facebook page, and implement other methods using Twitter to leverage your Facebook visibility. Between Twitter and Facebook, you can definitely make an impact on the SERPs. This is a time tested method that works great so long as you work it. It’s no different than any other program in that regard.

    Consider integrating your live Twitter feeds into your web content for an extra boost. This will get you extra results as well, since what you update on your feed will be considered independently relevant and can also drive traffic. Again, SEO content writing is vitally important. Remember this if nothing else – none of it works without SEO!

    Google, Yahoo and Bing have courted Twitter and now the marriages are at hand. Tweets will be showing up even more frequently on all three engines, although with the advent of G+ it seems Google has backed away a little – just not enough to do serious damage. Currently, the main search results featuring Tweets include brand name feeds and news trends, but the impact of Twitter on the SERPs is expected to expand at the same rate it has been so don’t get left behind. If you don’t play, you can’t win!

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