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  • Professional SEO Copywriting

    Can you afford a professional SEO copywriter? The bigger question is if you can afford not to have one! It is not that uncommon for many webmasters to write their own content, and some do so effectively, but it often could be better than what they are producing. There is also a second factor to consider which is opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is what you have to give up to do something. Few webmasters consider this when they think about hiring an SEO copywriter, but it is often what ends up being one of the big selling points that eventually sways them. Let’s take a look at why you can’t afford to not have an SEO copywriter.

    An SEO copywriter is going to deliver you a polished product that is ready to post. The keywords are going to be correctly placed providing relevant anchor text. The keyword density is going to be spot on which means you don’t have to worry about Google penalties for over optimization. The text will be reader friendly and friendly for the Google bots that crawl and index your content as well. This all leads to better positioning in the search results and potentially more conversions and better Page rank.

    The big, and underestimated swing factor is the opportunity cost. How long does it take you to produce your posts? If you are following even the minimal side of best practices, you produce at least 5 posts each week. Assume it takes you 45 minutes to write each post and then a few more to get it loaded – so say 50 minutes. That is 4 hours each week at a minimum. While you are dealing with creating and loading posts, you aren’t working the actual business end of your business. You are either putting in more hours to cover it which means less free time for you with family, friends or doing whatever else it is you enjoy away from the job. You mat have had to hire someone to do those tasks you put on the backburner to handle your own copywriting which costs money.

    Hat makes the most sense is to keep everything top-notch professional from the start. Hire a professional SEO copywriter to handle that end of your business. It is a headache you then do not have to deal with, and you will likely get better content than you produce on your own because they are focused solely on that one thing. That means you don’t have to outsource other portions of your business you usually tend to someone that may not be getting the job done as well as you do it.

    It all boils down to what you value the most. If you value your time and money, you outsource your SEO copywriting. It is faster and more cost efficient than outsourcing any other aspect of your business and it provides more conversion opportunities for you which  means it is in effect paying for itself over the long term.

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