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  • Pay Attention To The Linking Structure

    There is always a danger when you hire a web designer or a web design company that is not conversant with basic concepts of basic SEO. One of the areas where you could face problems is your website’s linking structure. You might have a brilliant website in terms of design interface but in terms of its performance online, it may not be doing well. If your website is linked to the homepage or the index page in an inconsistent way then your performance in organic traffic can be affected. If you don’t provide a definitive pattern of linking to the search engines, they may not be indexing some of the important pages of your website which may turnout to be a crucial service page of your website.

    In most websites we can see that the home pages are linked in an inconsistent way for example in some cases the homepage will be linked as and in the same website some of the pages may pointing to the home page as Search engines will consider this as linking to two different pages and this happens in the navigation menu then this could cause a great harm to your website.

    By paying attention to this error from the beginning is highly desirable. If you have not been aware of this error earlier, then it is worth the effort checking your website and make necessary corrections. You will be able to see the impact of the corrective measures that you take in this regard, relatively quicker.

    You must make it a point to discuss with your web design company and tell them that you are particular about the linking pattern. Even when you are revamping your website and/ or adding new pages to your website, your new pages should be linking to the home page in the same way your old pages are linking. Never let your web designer tell you that the linking structure does not matter. Even if they say so you have every right to demand them to stick to a specific format that you prefer to maintain through out the website.

    It is certainly not a mountainous task to check your linking pattern. You just need to move the mouse pointer over the link and see the URL in the progression bar. It is very easy to check for the inconsistencies.

    You must also make sure that all the inbound links that point to your website too have a consistent URL pattern. One of the best ways of handling this will be to give your link partners the linking code that they can copy and paste in their website.
    Having said all these, here is a word of caution, you must remember that consistent linking alone will not make your website rank on top. This is one of the factors that has its effect on your SEO. When you make sure that factors like these are not ignored or overlooked your optimization efforts will get stronger and stronger.

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