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  • Optimizing Dynamic Pages

    Lot of us optimize our own websites by learning the basic optimization tips from various online resources. Some of them do manage to get good results out of their own efforts and be encouraged to concentrate more on their website optimization. This applies to most website owners who have static HTML websites. However, when it comes to dynamic websites it is a different story all together. Lot of people are not sure how to optimize the dynamic pages of their websites.

    Dynamic web pages are those pages that are not permanent but pages that are created on the fly based on user input such as a search page. The search page where the user makes his or her search will be a permanent page but the results page is only a temporary page and they are not stored in the servers. If you have observed the dynamic URLs closely they are very long and they change based on the user request. Search engines cannot spider through these pages and indexing is almost impossible as the session id keeps changing. Google indexes dynamic pages but to save the servers from overloading and strain they limit the number of dynamic pages that they will index per website.

    In order to have all your dynamic pages indexed you can use tools that will convert your dynamic pages to static ones by replacing the “?” with a “/”. Some webmasters also use CGI/PERL scripts to generate the URLs. You can also try to reconfigure your server to Apache server with the help of your hosting company as this is not something that is per-installed.

    Certain approaches will be suitable for a small websites and if you have thousands of pages or products that you sell through your online store then the following may not be an efficient solution. What needs to be done is to create static pages that correspond to each of your dynamic pages and optimize those static pages as you would normally optimize other pages and submit it to the search engines along with the other pages. As you can see that it may not be an efficient approach for huge websites. So you need to adapt to an approach that is suitable for your website and should not try to implement all that you read online because all SEO strategies do not suit all types of websites.

    When it is a complex website it is always wiser to employ a reliable search engine optimization company to get the optimization done so that you will not be overly distracted with the optimization part losing concentration on your core business. This will bring better returns on your investments. What many people do not take into consideration is the amount of time that they spend to resolve an issue that they are not familiar with; so it is always advisable to seek for professional help. Moreover, by trying it implement various strategies ourselves we will lose a lot of Internet time while our competitors march a head.

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