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  • Onsite User Experience Could Be Your Key To Success

    In the last post we discussed about getting rid of SEO strategies that do not work any longer. It is not enough to identify what doesn’t work but we should go one step further to check what works for your brand. For all those who are aiming at top ranks in Google, there is one factor that you should pay attention to and that is ‘onsite user experience”. Yes onsite user experience could be your key to success, which you are probably ignoring. This is where many webmasters falter; they spend a considerable amount of money and time in promoting their websites in the social media sites and in the social bookmarking sites but when it comes to creating enriching user experience, they fail to take any efforts.

    key to success

    If you are trying to impress Google, then you should know what Google wants and Google for sure wants what will make the search engine a top class search engine. Google will be able to remain the top-class search engine only by feeding its users with websites that give excellent user experience when they search for some experience. At one level Google strives hard to produce relevant results and on the other hand, it tries even harder to fetch websites that offer the users with excellent onsite experience.

    When you are trying to promote your website online and in particular in Google, you should be mindful of these two factors. You are probably working on boosting your visibility online and the question that you probably have is, ‘How to give good onsite user experience?’.

    Here are few factors that you should pay attention to while enhancing your website’s onsite user experience. The first factor is your website’s loading time. How long does it take for your website to load once the visitors click the link in the search results. Google rates websites based on the page loading time as well. Google gives each page a page speed score based on the loading performance. Faster the page loads, the better the user experience.

    The second factor that you should pay attention to is the navigational ease. How are your visitors feeling in your website? Are they able to find the information they need fast? Is your website’s navigation intuitively designed? Do they find what they want in a matter of one or two clicks? You will have to address all these issues when you are thinking of navigational ease.

    Thirdly, is your website safe for your users? Do they feel comfortable and safe using your website? Is your website free from malware and other malicious programs? Do you have the latest security measures in your website? Make sure that you provide your users with the most secure platform to shop or to find information that they need.

    These are the top three factors that you should pay attention to while trying to enhance your website’s user experience. When you take care of all these factors you will certainly be laying a very good foundation for your website’s online success.

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