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  • One a Day Promos

    A great way to get repeat traffic to your site is by doing a promo that is ongoing. Advertise that you will be doing a month of tip of a day, gadget for a day, widget a day or even just a joke per day promo.

    You can use this to get people to sig

    n up for your RSS feed, and done right this can get people interested in your site as a regular stop in their surfing.

    You will have to do some prep work, and if you can thoroughly SEO your efforts, perhaps you can pull in new traffic as well.

    Start by deciding what you want to do each day, and go ahead and organize yourself so that the tips, jokes, etc just keep getting better and better. You can also offer an incentive.

    For everyone that fills out a subscription box, they are entered in a chance to win something. Each purchase could also reveal a chance to win.

    As you increase excitement, think about something cool to do on the last day. Challenge people to come up with a new ad slogan or other thing for your site, and have an additional prize for the winner of that contest.

    Use your email contact list wisely, and think about an auto responder program to make sure nobody misses anything – you could do a weekly recap.

    If you constantly come up with new and innovative ways to capture and keep attention, you will have figured out how to keep a spotlight trained on your site.

    Don’t turn your site into a circus – just have a little fun! Share personal anecdotes that people can relate to.

    Blog, blog, blog. The importance of having your own blog can not be overemphasized. You can use it for polls, visitor interaction, and all sorts of stuff you might not want your site cluttered up with.

    Doing a once a day promo every six months can set a pattern, and if you can come up with some bit of link bait, even better. Consider celeb photo of the day, featuring insane pics, or even hot gossip, focusing on something your readers can relate to. If you own a pet related site, blooper pics, videos and funny stories would be great.

    Don’t forget to include your visitors. People love to be included, so see how many you can get to participate.

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