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    Every SEO you encounter will definitely tell you that building backlinks to your websites is very important, but that at times it can be easy to get caught up in building more and more links without seeing the full benefits of your efforts. It is possible to spend so much time on ineffectual link building that other portions of your site start to suffer! You begin forgetting about fresh new content and site improvements that can also help improve the visibility and PR of your site.

    Before you spend too much time on link building, take a step back and review where you stand. Are you good on quantity but lacking in quality? That is a problem that can arise when you focus too much on backlinks. One good link is worth ten mediocre ones, so make sure you are getting the most out of your link building efforts.

    If you use a Link Building Service, they should be able to show you not only quantities of links, but very high quality as well. You should be seeing links from high PR sites within your niche as well as sites with plenty of good content and authority. These are the most valuable links you can have and do keep in mind that not all links are equal in value. If you are going to work hard at link building or hire a complete link building service to work on your behalf, it only makes sense to target the best PR sites that you can reasonably expect to get a backlink from. Otherwise you are not working efficiently and you are wasting time and money.

    The links you pursue have to be relevant to your site. The link and the linking page should have direct and influential relevance to the target page and keywords you are associating them to. Unless you are the recipient of a review touting your branded product, finding the right degree of relevancy may be a little difficult. Finding keywords in another site’s title tag, domain and URL, heading tags, text, and backlinks can be a good sign that the site is relevant to your own, and that the linking page will pass on value to your own web-page. This is the type of site you want to focus efforts on.

    Getting a link isn’t enough though – you have to have trustworthy links for them to mean anything. Google trusts web-sites based on a long list of factors, and getting a link from a site high up on the ‘Google’ radar will be very beneficial.  Highly trusted sites are also more likely to pass along “link juice,” which you want and need for your site. Take some time to check how many other pages the page you want a link from is linking out to. Next, ascertain if a link is no-follow (if so, it is useless for link juice and ranking purposes, although it may still be good for traffic). Weigh what is most important to you when this occurs.

    Link juice isn’t everything – sometimes a well placed link on a relevant website can bring conversion ready traffic pouring into your site. That is not unheard of by any means. Niche One Way Links can funnel relevant traffic as users follow the links directly from the linking page, instead of the links merely boosting juice to get you higher up in search engine results. For this reason, niche one way links building is a good addition to your linking strategy.

    Whatever strategy you decide to employ, make sure you do your homework before you begin actively building links. If the process seems too time consuming or difficult, let a professional SEO service take care of it for you.

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