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  • Natural Linking Networks Understanding what Google wants is sometimes difficult because the search engine algorithm can change so rapidly and often. However, when it comes to linking, several hard and fast rules have become clear, and it’s getting easier to understand what is really required to help boost rankings and increase traffic to your website.

    Natural links are those which don’t appear to have any agenda – and which appear from relevant sources that are integral or tangential to your niche or industry. If your company does landscaping and tree removal, then directly relevant links should be from sites with information on landscaping and tree removal, whicle tangential links could come from sites with information on different types of trees for differnt climates, tools to use for tree trimming and so on.

    What you don’t want is a bunch of lnks from sites with no relevance such as parenting sites, gambling sites or web SEO sites. You need natural links from natural places, and if those places also interlink, you increase the power. You also need DoFollow links for best results.

    A Link Wheel can help you create strong links with good Page Rank right to your website, while maintaining a completely natural appearance. In a Link Wheel, each piece of content containing 2-3 contextual links is linked to the next piece of content in the wheel, and also back to your site. The links come from article sites, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, Web 2.0 properties and blogs, so they are all relevant and highly pertinent to your website. They also all have a Page Rank of between 3 and 9. Finally, the power of each piece of content is individually strengthened by social bookmarking inks that push extra link juice though the content to your site and the content links around it.

    One link wheel can bring you a lot of power; two is even better, and you can build up to five link wheels at a time without making Google become wary of your link building efforts. Submitedge’s Link Wheel is the finest the web has to offer, and you can rest assured that the links you receive will be DoFollow and viewed by Google as highly valuable. They are usually indexed quickly as well, as spiders love to crawl interlinked content.

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