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  • Multiple SERPs Listings – Good or bad?

    When it comes to listings on the SERPs, most of the talk is about how to get the #1 spot. What about getting the top five spots? Does that hurt or help you?

    It depends, as always, on how much care you take in your actual content; after all, if all five headers link back to crap, you haven’t done yourself any favors. However, if you can get the top spot for your homepage, and several other pages ranked as well plus perhaps an article site or two, you may have just made your own day.

    People believe what they see, and if tehy see the same site referred to again and again, that in their own minds is a reason to credit you with a certain amount of authority. However, if you have simply reworked same old same old listed over and over, there may not be much point and in the future searchers may start to ignore you.

    This is why it is so important to have fresh relevant content that gives the consumer exactly what they are looking for. Nowadays searchers are getting very good with entering their search terms which makes the long tail more lucrative than ever, and if you can rank well for seom of these secondary phrases you can pull in quite a bit of highly targeted traffic.

    These are also the visitors who are more likely to convert. Should you bust your butt trying to attract as many of these as possible? Of course. Should you establish yourself as an authority in your field? Again, of course. Tomorrow we’ll look at a few things that have evolved in the world of the long tail.

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